Reenergizing your entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and results

The eFresh! keynote, workshop, and coaching and mentor program is a unique and proven approach to helping owners and top-level executives break through to bring new passion, drive, and approaches to their business.

eFresh! is based on Doug’s work with owners and executives from around the world. He discovered that many leaders lose much of their spirit and drive during the growth and operation of his/her business.

By tapping back into that entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and energy, Fleener helps these leaders reenergize themselves and their business.


eFresh! is right for you if:

You have found yourself stuck in your work

You want to tap into new personal and business opportunities

You know you need to make changes in your company 

You'd like to be more productive, or work differently

You’re open to change, growth, and personal development

You’re ready to make that change.

Results of eFresh! include:

A happy and rejuvenated leader

Removal of business impediments

Fresh perspectives and business strategies

New market opportunities

Improved organizational execution

Higher sales and results

eFresh services include:





Mastermind Groups (link)
Let’s talk about how we can help you eFresh!
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