eFresh program


A program to reenergize your entrepreneurial leadership spirit, drive, and results 

This unique program is an exclusive approach to helping entrepreneurs to break through barriers of habit and routine to bring new passion, drive, and approach to their work, business, and life.

eFresh! is not some esoteric theory, but an approach based on years of actual coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs from around the world by Sixth Star Consulting president Doug Fleener.

In this interactive and introspective program, participants will discover new ways of working, fresh opportunities to grow their business, and will leave with renewed focused, energy, and drive.

Program participants will learn and be able to apply:
  • The natural drift that occurs to most entrepreneurs and why it occurs
  • A eFresh! assessment, resulting in a targeted area of focus 
  • How an entrepreneur’s passion and purpose impacts staff, customer, and results 
  • The link between an entrepreneur’s approach and his/her personal happiness
  • The value of time and priorities
  • The eFresh! approach to immediately creating higher productivity in themselves and their teams
  • How to eFresh! performance throughout your organization and daily results.
  • Key business and personal accelerators and impediments to achieving eFresh!
  • How create long-term personal growth and continuous eFreshness  
  • The eFresh! structure, actions, and 30 day plan to a revitalized spirit, drive, and results  
 This program is available as a keynote, breakout, and a ½ or full day workshop. 

Program is customized for audience make-up including executives, owners, and front-line managers.

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