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I quickly and dramatically improve a company's customer experience, frontline leadership, and results.

What you can expect –
  • A targeted 10x or more return on your investment. 
  • Fresh thinking and approaches that leverage your competitive advantage. 
  • A partner focused on your goals. Your goals are my goals. 
  • Straightforward feedback and advice.
Sample work –
  • Improve frontline customer engagement and experience, resulting in higher sales, loyalty, and advocacy. 
  • Streamline and improve sales processes to create ongoing sales and customer/client growth. 
  • Improve the productivity and performance of frontline leaders and those who lead them. 
  • Create immediate innovation and growth opportunities with executive team offsite. 
  • Develop long and short-term strategy to compete in a changing market. 
  • Trusted advisor to CEO and other key executives. 
  • Keynotes and workshops for your company or organization. 
  • Site and market visits. 
My approach –
  • Everything I do is grounded in the employee and customer experience. Since that’s unique to each company, so is most of my work. 
  • I see each engagement as an opportunity to develop and grow your key stakeholders at the same time we work together to improve the business.
  • I use simplicity as a competitive advantage. Complexity holds people and organizations back. 
  • I move fast. The sooner the improvement and innovation, the faster the positive impact on employees, customer/clients, and results. 
  • I build in more – and higher – accountability. Lack of accountability is the number one reason people and organizations fall short of their potential.
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