Increase your UPTs today


Increase Your UPTs Today

Here are five ways you can increase your UPTs (units-per-transaction) today. These suggestions assume that you've developed some level of relationship with your customer. Showing and selling multiple products is not pushy if you've made that connection.  

1. Stop selling one product at a time. Most customers end up buying multiple products as often as they buy one, but for some reason most sales people sell one product at a time. I believe it's a great service to our customers to show and suggest multiple products at the same time.

This is true in a boutique or a hardware store. When suggesting a blouse you can hold it up with a pair of pants and present both to your customer. At the very least you're helping her see how the blouse looks as part of an outfit. Or grab the extra roller covers at the same time you're getting your customer the roller frame.

2. Use UPT language. Using words like "collection," "set," "outfit" and "complementary" conveys the message that your products offer even higher value and more pleasure when purchased together. You'll sell more products when you regularly ask your customer to purchase a collection/set, not just an item.  

3. Stop going to the counter until the customer says he/she is ready to check out. Just today I was in a department store and saw a sales person verbally drag a customer to the counter. While talking with the customer, the associate slowly walked to the counter and ended the sale. The customer never once said he was done but unless the customer is determined to keep shopping, the sale is complete.  

4. Stop using UPT-killing sentences. Nothing drags down your UPTs more than asking the customer, "Will there be anything else?" There never is! You want to keep showing and suggesting products. Isn't that why your customer came into your store in the first place? Why not show him the newest must-have tools? Customers will always tell you when they're done but they will rarely say, "I was willing to spend more money but I can't think of anything else."

5. Sell like the expert you are. The more you demonstrate your expertise, the more you add to your customer's shopping experience. The more you add to the customer's experience the higher your UPTs will be. 

Let's say I'm buying a camera for my wife and the sales person asks me if I want a case, too. My immediate impulse is to say no. However, if she recommends a case because it will protect my investment in case of a mishap, I'd consider adding it to my purchase.  

6. Go above and beyond for every customer. I originally said I had five tips, but by going above and beyond I might just exceed your expectations. The more you're focused on exceeding your customer's expectations, the more I just know you'll also exceed your UPT goals as well.

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