We help companies achieve performance that exceeds customer and employee expectations, resulting in more sales, profits, and customers. 
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Our typical client results include:

  • A more sales and customer-focused organization centered on exceeding customer expectations
  • A more engaging and effective customer service experience
  • A differentiated business strategy to enable long-term growth
  • Higher customer loyalty and advocacy
  • More effective managers and leaders at all levels of the company 
  • Happier and more engaged employees 
  • Increased accountability and frontline effectiveness
  • And most important, a dramatic increase in customers, sales, and profits 

Our Beliefs

Simplicity is the key to organizational speed and success.

Focus is what separates the winners from the others.

Action is the only way to improve results.

Having an experienced outside perspective helps bring out the best in a company and individuals.

It’s the leadership that ultimately determines how successful the company is.

Forget customer service. It's all about the service experience.

Who We Are

Our Experience

We work with customer-focused companies (learn more) and retailers (learn more) where people and the service experience are the primary differentiators.

We have experience in specialty retail, hospitality, restaurants, insurance, associations, banking, wholesale, and many more industries.

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Sixth Star Business Consulting
Sixth Star Business Consulting
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