Store and Site Visit

Store and Site Visit

Three Month’s Improvements in Just One or Two Days

Thank you for your interest in my Store and Site Visit Program. My visits are unlike any other. This is NOT the type of visit where someone walks around your store/business and then spits out a report that ends up sitting on a shelf. This is a working session to drill down in all facets of your business, and then together we'll create the strategies and tactics for you to use going forward. 

Much as I did as director of retail for the Bose stores, I'll spend the day learning and experiencing your business first hand. Together we'll analyze a number of areas including, but not limited to:
• Sales growth opportunities
• Customer service experience
• Store/site layout
• Product and services presentation
• Product and services selection, mix, and pricing
• Promotional opportunities
• In-store and on-site messaging
• Store/site standards
• Staff presentation
• Staff/customer engagement
• Operational standards
• Marketing

Most important, I will engage, challenge, and teach you in our time together.

Experience in one day what many other consultants take months to deliver. After I leave you will have pages and pages of improvement opportunities, new ideas, and other ways to grow and improve your business.

Again, this is a working visit, and is NOT an assessment visit. You will be responsible to capture all feedback and recommendations as you so choose, as a written report is not provided in this service.

Here’s why. I believe having me provide a report has a negative impact on exchange of ideas and finding appropriate solutions. It also reduces the learning during the visit. I will work with you before leaving on a list of actions item to drive the agreed upon solutions.

The fee for this service varies based upon your business size, location, and other variables. Contact me to get a quote and my availability. 

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