The Unfair Advantage

The Unfair Advantage

How your people and a proactive service experience can smoke the competition and substantially grow your business

All that talk about the Internet making retailers and other businesses irrelevant is flat out wrong. Companies can not only be competitive in today’s commoditized and ultra competitive environment, but they actually hold an unfair advantage: People. An advantage online companies, and most competitors, can’t match.

Unfortunately, the mere presence of knowledgeable and nice people in your company isn't enough. Your staff must consistently deliver a targeted service selling experience that exceeds your customer’s expectations and results in more sales, loyalty, and advocacy.

Retail and service experience expert Doug Fleener shares how to create and leverage your company’s unfair advantage. In this program you’ll learn:

* How local businesses have a competitive opportunity in today’s market.

* The reality gap between a company’s service intentions and what customers actually experience.

* Why proactively focusing on exceeding a customer’s expectations is the primary driver of your company’s service and sales success.

* A proactive Service Selling approach that integrates service and selling to create an unfair advantage.

* What frontline managers must do to create and leverage the Unfair Advantage

* Seven keys to successfully launch and drive your company’s Unfair Advantage.

 This program is available as a keynote, breakout, and ½ for full day workshop. 

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