The EveryDay Coach and Leader


 We help companies and managers become highly effective daily coaches, and lead their team to daily success 

Our EveryDay Coaching beliefs

  • Performance management and development is a daily activity
  • Most coaching and leadership programs are based on theory, not action 
  • Coaching people isn’t hard, but most people struggle to get started  
  • The belief that feedback is positive or negative inhibits most coaching 
  • It’s daily leadership that ultimately determines the success of the location and/or company.

EveryDay Coaching is right for you if:

Staff development is a key foundation in your business

Your business has well-defined expectations and approaches

You have the organizational support to see the execution through
You’ll invest in a resource that will provide a return of at least ten to one 

Our EveryDay approach

We have developed a unique methodology that people can, and will apply, for daily coaching.

 We require building in the practice and development of this approach in all engagements. 

We know that without it, our client will not receive the appropriate return on investment.

EveryDay Coaching services:




Remote workshops

Online programs

Executive coaching
Let’s talk about how we can help your company's managers be EveryDay Coaches and Leaders
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