Who Moved My Customer?
How to win and keep more customers and clients in a rapidly changing retail environment

Best audience: Executives, owners, managers

Forget the cheese! What the heck happened to your customer? Are you seeing declines in store traffic? Are you seeing a drop in how much customers buy, or the percentage of customers who do make a purchase? It’s happening, and as the times are changing so to must the retailer.

The future of specialty retail is dependent on the store and staff’s ability to connect, engage, and add value to their customer’s lives. In this program you’ll learn how consumers are changing, and what you and your staff needs to do to ensure you remain relevant and connected with them.

Key points and takeaways:
* How consumer shopping and buying habits are changing, and how specialty retailers can differentiate themselves

* Why the human touch still matters if retailers do these three things

* Changing staffing models to align with today’s retail environment

* Five social media techniques that are vital to remain relevant and connected to your customers

* The difference between clients and customers, and the importance of an on-going omni-relationship approach

* Six keys actions for manage and maximize your customer “inventory” to grow sales, profits, and keeping your customers

This program is available as a keynote or breakout.

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