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What if you could have a better work-life balance and keep your business in growth mode? You can with my Balance and Growth Blueprint.


No Compromise Approach

Being a business owner is a thrilling yet challenging journey. It's about turning dreams into reality but can also be all-consuming. As the business grows, so do the demands at home and in relationships, often leading to a feeling of falling short at home, work, or both.

That's why work-life balance is vital. But it's different for business owners, That's why the Boundless Balance and Growth Blueprint is the most effective approach for business owners. It focuses on making you a more productive business owner, allowing for quality time at home while growing your business. I call it balance without compromise.

Boundless Balance and Growth principles apply at work and home, creating a unified balance approach for business owners. As a result, you will grow your business, make more money, AND spend more quality time at home.

Boundless Balance and Growth happen at the crossroads of work-home-self. Join me on the journey by joining my private Facebook™ group, the Balance and Growth for Business Owners.


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"Whoever said 'you can’t have it all' worked for someone else." - Doug Fleener


About Doug 

Business and Personal Performance Coach

With over 30 years of experience running companies and helping people grow and develop, Doug has the real-world experience to help you be successful in your interconnected business and life.

Boundless Balance and Growth Blueprint

Doug leads growth-minded business owners to achieve Boundless Balance in a six-week compromise-free customized plan and one-on-one coaching to achieve more work-life success.

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