The Daily Performance Difference: Accelerating Your Success

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Doug Fleener's Retail Performance Blog/The Daily Performance Difference: Accelerating Your Success

Performance isn't just a buzzword—it's at the heart of specialty retail success.

As a leader, your ability to perform at your peak can make the difference between making the day, month, or year...or not.

Whether you're a store owner, manager, executive, or aspiring retail leader, your performance directly impacts your top and bottom line, happiness, and success.

Focusing on your daily performance can lead to better results, increased customer loyalty, and a more rewarding career.

That's why I'm passionate about helping leaders elevate their performance and your opportunity to elevate your staff’s—because when leaders perform at their best, everyone wins.

Your performance matters—as a leader, as a coach, in developing your staff, and in the customer experience your staff delivers.

All these aspects add up to better sales performance and higher results, creating a cycle of success that drives you and your business forward.

In my years of experience leading organizations and coaching leaders, I've recognized that the most crucial factor in sustained high performance is a commitment to being better than you were the previous day.

It's not about occasional breakthroughs but rather about consistently elevating one's performance every single day.

Building on last week's discussion about growth, let's dive deeper into how this applies specifically to performance.

I've identified three game-changing perspectives on daily performance growth that can elevate your results.

Each approach offers a unique path to elevating your performance in ways that can transform your personal effectiveness and business outcomes.

1. Strength-based performance: Leveraging and amplifying what you already do well. I was always a good coach. But when I focused on it more, I became far more effective with less time and effort.

2. Priority-driven performance: Focusing your time and performance on the most critical aspects of your role on that day. Some days, this might involve working with your associates on the floor or helping an assistant get to the next level. It could also involve connecting with your top customers or vendors or getting an event ready to knock out of the park.

3. High-impact performance: Targeting areas that yield disproportionate outcomes. I see how many owners and managers need to grow in this area. When I led an organization with over a hundred managers, I learned that most focused on what they were passionate about, and the best focused on high-impact areas that drove results.

Integrating one, two, or all three perspectives into your daily routine can dramatically enhance your performance and drive more sales.

My new programs are designed to be your affordable, action-oriented, ultimate resource for elevating your performance.

Through targeted lessons, personalized coaching, and fast in-store execution, each program will help you drive unprecedented growth and success in just three or four weeks.

Ready to boost your performance? Start Learn, Coach, and Grow here.

So let me ask three questions:

1. Have you ever had one of those employees whose best day’s performance is not annoying you? (It happens!)

2. Have you ever had one of those days when you kept answering your mobile with the store greeting? (I once asked my wife to “source” me a hairbrush. Both are signs that you need some more days off.)

3. Which of the three performance areas of focus offers you the most opportunity to grow yourself, your staff, and your results?

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