Brand New Program!

Be the Amazing Boss

The Relentlessly Simple Way to Create Exceptional Teams and Personal Success

For over 25 years, I've been asking people one simple but powerful question: "Tell me about your favorite boss." The answers revealed a profound truth about leadership that forms the foundation of this transformative keynote.

Discover the "Be Amazing Way," a leadership approach based on thousands of real-world experiences. This presentation uncovers how focusing on three fundamental elements can create exceptional teams and drive personal success.

Key Learning Points:

1. The Hallmarks of an Amazing Boss: Understand the consistent traits that make leaders truly impactful.

2. Feel, Grow, Achieve: Learn how making team members feel valued, helping them grow, and guiding them to achieve forms the core of amazing leadership.

3. The Power of Choice in Leadership: Explore why becoming an amazing boss starts with a decision, not just skills or strategies.

4. Simplifying Leadership: Cut through complexity and focus on the essentials that truly matter in leading teams.

5. Practical Implementation Strategies: Gain actionable insights to immediately improve your leadership approach.

6. Building High-Performing Teams: Discover how the "Be Amazing Way" leads to engaged teams that drive superior results.

7. Personal Leadership Success: Understand the profound benefits of embracing this approach for your own career and satisfaction.

​This program is available as a keynote, breakout, and a ½ or full-day workshop.