One Team - Better Together

Develop an extraordinary team and incredible results.

You are part of a work team unless you are a sole practitioner. Many people are part of multiple teams. Whether a manager, owner, executive, or individual contributor, every person is critical to the team's success.

There are three types of teams.
The team of individuals. Each person operates independently with this team, pursuing their own objectives without a shared sense of purpose or coordinated effort.

The splintered team. This team is characterized by fragmented subgroups or cliques within the larger group. Such divisions hinder collaboration and the team's ability to work together towards a shared goal.

The One Team – Better Together team. This team's individuals unite their skills, talents, and diverse perspectives, forming a cohesive group focused on a shared vision. This type of team demonstrates collaboration, trust, humility, open communication, and a true sense of togetherness. This leads to higher success and collective achievement levels than the other groups.

In this program, participants will how to create and be part of One Team – Better Together. They will take away the actions and tools needed to create daily and long-term success.
Participants will learn and be able to apply:
How teamwork is a daily event that creates One-Day Success and long-term success.

The three different types of teams.

The four foundational elements of One Team.

The three ways teams slide to mediocrity and underperformance.

Why standards, expectations, and accountability is vital to a team's success.

How a strong team learns and grows together.

How to create an entire team of coaches who love to be coached.

Tools and methods for the One Team to motivate and inspire each other.

How to create a results-focused team that exceeds goals and wins more customers.

There are two different programs of One Team – Better Together. One for owners and leaders at trade shows, company events, etc. There is another that is presented to entire teams.

​This program is available as a keynote, breakout, and a ½ or full-day workshop.