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Why Learn, Coach, and Grow

I'm Doug Fleener, the former director of retail for Bose Corporation and a recognized expert in retail and daily performance. Like many experts passionate about their field, I love working directly with frontline leaders, especially the next generation.

"And That's When It Hit Me..."

...traditional coaching was often too rigid for retail and too expensive for both the individual and their company. As a result, many promising leaders or small business managers simply didn't get the chance to benefit from his expertise. When coaching sessions did happen, they were squeezed into inconvenient weekly schedules, with feedback often delayed, missing the moment when it was most needed. That's why I've developed Learn, Coach, and Grow.

Our current Retail Coaching Programs

The 3-Day Retail Sales Performance Booster

Three-day trial and coaching program

No-Cost Trial

Program Goal: This Coachic aims to provide a trial experience of TimeFlex Coaching while implementing a new mindset and lasting framework to quickly improve sales.

✅ Day 1: The Four Elements of The Daily Performance Blueprint. Rapidly initiate changes that enhance your staff's sales performance.

✅ Day 2: The Fast Gap Closure Boost. Boost sales to quickly bridge the gap between staff performance and store expectations.

✅ Day 3: Leading with forward-focused feedback. Learn and practice immediate, in-the-moment coaching to close performance gaps.


Get Started

Coaching with Fast Forward Feedback 

Three-week coaching program


Program Goal: This Coachic aims to teach, practice, and master Fast Forward Feedback, a rapid, forward-focused coaching approach that drives daily growth in frontline staff through immediate, in-the-moment feedback.

✅ Week 1: Elevate your expectations and accountability. Learn and be coached in the Fast Forward Feedback approach.

✅ Week 2: Quickly elevate staff performance in high-impact areas that drive results. Get coached on improving driving daily performance.

✅ Week 3: Maintain a high-performance team using Fast Forward Feedback.


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Get a free digital copy of Doug's book with any sign-up

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life)
Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) provides a profoundly simple yet practical approach to achieving short and long-term success in work and life by having one good day after another.

More About Learn, Coach, and Grow 

Meet Your Coach

Doug Fleener is a seasoned expert in leadership and daily performance. With over 30 years of leadership experience and a key role as the former director of retail for Bose Corporation, Doug brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise directly to your growth journey.

​As the author of "The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform Your Work and Life with One-Day Success," Doug offers a proven blueprint for achieving short- and long-term success. His approach focuses on daily mindset shifts and intentional actions tailored to help you transform your professional and personal life.

"...Doug's hands-on coaching delivered immediate improvements and sustainable growth for our stores." - Director of retail

"The flexible, results-oriented coaching from Doug Fleener has dramatically improved our managers' engagement and performance. This approach has directly boosted our sales and customer satisfaction, showing measurable results."

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You can start any Learn, Coach, and Grow Coachic without risk. If, after the first week's session, you feel the program isn't the right fit for you, simply request a full refund.