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7 Daily Winning Mindsets to Overcome Challenges

Oct 20, 2023

Taking personal responsibility is key to achieving goals and growth. When we own our circumstances, we adopt empowered mindsets that enable positive change. By cultivating productive daily habits, we can effect solutions and not feel victimized by external forces. The "seven daily wins" outline common mindsets and behaviors that foster accountability, resilience, and proactive problem-solving. 

To illustrate, we’ll use the example of overcoming current staffing challenges. Despite widespread hiring/retention issues, leaders and companies can take ownership of recruitment problems and avoid defeatist thinking. Embracing the seven daily winning mindsets allows us to maintain a responsible, solutions-focused attitude amidst any challenge.  

Now, let’s examine the seven daily winning mindsets as they relate to staffing. 

1. Own it. Acknowledging one's role in outcomes rather than blaming external factors. This avoids falling into a victim mindset. You can change what you don’t own. 

Example: "I need to take responsibility for getting someone hired in the next two weeks." 

2. Persistence. Keep at it. Take one more action today than you did the day before. Keep moving forward to find the best candidates rather than settling. This avoids giving up easily when faced with obstacles. 

Example: Yesterday, I sent three messages on LinkedIn. Today, I will send five.  

3. Self-belief. Maintaining confidence in one’s abilities rather than negative self-talk. Refuse to listen to any inner voice that you can’t do or accomplish something.  

Example: “I know we will find someone. The right people will see the value in working here."  

4. Involve others. A winning mindset means you don’t have to go it alone. The most successful people involve their employees, hire coaches, and ask others for help. 

Example: Reach out to three or more colleagues to ask what they’ve done to staff successfully. 

5. Taking initiative. Don’t wait until someone says you should do something. This is especially true for managers. There is always something that can be done.  Always be recruiting. Avoid falling into inaction.  

Example: Find a high-priority area to improve today. 

6. Solution-focused. Acknowledging challenges while focusing energy on fixes rather than excuses. Skip wasting time on blaming. This creates progress. 

Example: “How can we make this open position more appealing?” 

7. Forward-thinking. Learn from setbacks while maintaining a positive outlook. Don’t waste time on what happened. Use energy on what needs to happen. This avoids a defeated mindset. 

Example: “Let’s brainstorm how we always have three candidates we can reach out to.” 

When we make daily progress, even in small increments, it will compound to drive even better results over time. Focusing on consistent positive mindsets avoids stagnation and builds the momentum we need to create business and personal success. 

So let me ask three questions:  

1) What's your favorite euphemism for an underwhelming candidate? "Diamond in the rough" or "has potential"? 

2) Who has ever given up and called it a solution? I mean, it sort of is!  

3) Which of these winning mindsets is your strength, and which can you improve?