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Doug helps retailers and individuals maximize single-day performance for higher revenue and profits. 


Fleener is an international speaker, consultant, and coach known for his relentlessly simple and effective approaches that leaders execute to create fast, radically improved results. 

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Learn, Coach, and Grow is a revolutionary coaching program that combines cutting-edge technology with proven leadership development strategies. Our innovative 24.7 TimeFlex asynchronous coaching model offers personalized, flexible guidance without the constraints of traditional training programs or time-consuming video calls, empowering retail professionals to thrive on their own schedules.

Discover how Learn, Coach, and Grow is changing retail leadership development. Learn about this innovative and cost-effective approach with transformative results at

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Doug's new book The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life)

Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) provides a profoundly simple yet practical approach to achieving short and long-term success in work and life.

Read an excerpt at Business Insider

"I loved The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) and couldn't put it down; I felt like I was having a face-to-face conversation with you and was a little sad when I reached the last page." - Noura K.


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He inspires and teaches audiences about the incredible daily possibilities in their day.
"Thank you for presenting to the AIMM group again! It is really hard to present to a group twice in 6 months and hit it out of the park both times, but the feedback is you did just that! - Tom Triozzi
Doug Fleener
Doug's new book The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life)
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