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A 100 Mother’s Day Week

May 07, 2024

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A 100 Mother’s Day Week

The other day, I was at a gift shop where three employees were working.

One of them was pure 100! She engaged 100% of her customers with Mother’s Day gift ideas and encouraged the customer to treat herself.
The second one asked the customers if they needed help when they entered the store. Of course, they didn’t.
The third employee was on her phone. By the motions I saw, I’m guessing she was on Snapchat.
Imagine the impact on that day’s revenue and customer experience if all three associates were 100 like the first. Double the business or more?
If your products are a potential Mother’s Day gift, all your staff must be 100 this week.
Here are three things you can do to make that happen:
1. Set expectations and share inspiration in a before-shift huddle with each employee. Don’t expect your employees to get mentally prepared for their day. Instead, share what you expect and why they can be an incredible 100 for the day.
2. Take the time to observe your staff, especially at the start of the shift. Remember, people rise to the level of expectations and slide to the level of acceptance. It’s important to demonstrate to your staff that you want—need—and expect them to engage 100% of the customers with Mother’s Day engagement.
3. Give feedback to your staff throughout the day. Praise those who are giving 100. Instruct those who are not to start doing so. Follow up to ensure they are going 100.

Imagine the kind of week you’ll have if the staff never misses the opportunity to highly engage every customer.

Forget imagining. It’s there for you and your staff to create.