Doug Fleener's

The Day Makes the Year


Book and Lessons for Leaders and Staff

Aug 31, 2023

My new book is now available on Amazon. (More retailers will come online soon.) While I had planned for a September 12th launch of my book, things sometimes go differently than planned. Running with the theme of my book, today is THE DAY. I would be honored and grateful if you would purchase and read it.

 Here are ten key lessons from my book for leaders and another ten for employees. 

Lessons for Leaders 

1. Live and lead in the present moment - The Day. Don't dwell on the past or solely plan for the future. Maximize each day's potential. 

2. Take full responsibility for your actions, reactions, decisions, and their outcomes. Don't play the blame game. Own your results, and you gain the power to change it. 

3. Be proactive, not reactive. Anticipate challenges and opportunities. Shape circumstances to your desired outcomes. 

4. Prioritize intentional actions aligned to your goals. Don't just do stuff and hope for the best. Act deliberately. Be sure your staff is doing the same. 

5. Practice relentless simplicity. Identify and focus on the one or two things that matter most. Remove unnecessary complexity.  

6. Improve three things daily. Growth comes from small, incremental steps forward. 1,095 yearly improvements create incredible change. 

7. Give to get. Helping others succeed creates even more success for you. Foster an abundance mentality. 

8. Inspire your team through your continuous growth and development. Be a role model. 

9. Create a speak-up culture. Listen and act on ideas from all levels. Every employee offers a unique perspective. 

10. Commit to empowering others. Guide and develop staff. Celebrate their wins. Success breeds more success. 


And ten pivotal lessons for employees: 

1. Be present and engaged. Don't allow your mind to drift. Keep your head where your feet are. 

2. Take ownership of your work. You decide your contributions and growth. You determine your results. 

3. Anticipate your colleague's needs. Take initiative. Go beyond expectations. Exceed, don't just meet. 

4. Prioritize and focus on your most important tasks. Don't get distracted by the urgent.  

5. Look for ways to simplify your work. Reduce complexity. Make things easier for your customers.  

6. Improve three things daily in your work and yourself. Even in small ways. Progress compounds.   

7. Help colleagues succeed. Share your skills. Offer to assist them. Collaborate. 

8. Develop your skills and expand your knowledge. Growth expands opportunities. 

9. Speak up respectfully with ideas and feedback. Solutions come from everywhere. 

10. Support your team's success. Go above and beyond your individual role. Align to shared goals. 


So let me ask three questions: 

1) Have you ever won something big? If so, was your winner’s dance as epic as I imagined? 

2) If I walk with purpose but have no idea where I'm going, does that still count as leading? 

3) Which one of the above lessons will you apply today?