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Escaping Stuckiness to Improve Results

Mar 06, 2024

Stuckiness: The feeling of being unable to move forward or progress on important things 

Stuckiness is a common experience that happens to almost everyone at some point, particularly for owners and managers who are very busy with a lot on their plate. It’s tough to break free from routine amidst many demands and things to do. At the same time, you know there are things that, if addressed or launched, can improve your business and results.

Stuckiness also happens to us personally. We’re in a rut. We want to make changes, but it seems each day passes us by without moving forward. That calls for an escape!

Whenever you’re feeling a bit or a lot of stuckiness, here are some actions to escape it and move forward.

1. Identify one thing you want to escape from the stuckiness. Most people have a lot of ideas and things they want to implement. Too many of those in your head get you stuck. Pick one. A lot of people say to pick low-hanging fruit. I like to choose the one with the most significant and fastest impact on your results and/or happiness.

2. Quantify the benefits of getting unstuck. There’s a big difference between “making time daily to improve the staff’s ability to increase the ADS” and “redoing how I work with the staff daily to increase sales by $150k this year.” That’s a hell of an ROI for getting unstuck. It’s not just something to get done.

3. Schedule specific days and times to work on your escape. I’m a morning person, so I schedule my one thing early in the day. I block out a half-hour and do nothing but the one thing I am moving forward.

4. Have an accountability person or persons. This is especially important for business owners who can decide what they will and won’t do daily. Tell the person at the start of the day what you will get done. Then, follow up at the end of the day.

 5. Track your daily work streak. How many days can you go in a row working on your one thing? Track it where you can see it as a reminder of your progress. I couldn’t write a book without tracking my writing streak.

6. Book an Escape From Stuckiness Coaching call with me. I love helping people get unstuck, both professionally and personally. Together, we’ll figure out all the above and identify the steps you need to take moving forward. 

So, let me ask three questions:

  1. Did you initially think your “streak” would be due to a lack of clothing and running in public? (I mean, who wouldn’t if you were around in the 70s and 80s.)
  2. Would you say any recent stuckiness was more of a sticky note or super glue situation?
  3. What is your one thing that would have a great ROI if you got unstuck? And how will you move forward? (Yeah, that was four questions. But escaping from stuckiness requires action!)