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Welcome to your transformative journey in retail coaching and leadership. The High Impact Daily Coach and Leader is designed to elevate your skills and empower you to drive exceptional performance within your team. In just five weeks, you'll learn to unlock the full potential of those you lead, creating a positive impact on your staff and store results.

What is The High Impact Daily Coach and Leader program?

The High Impact Daily Coach and Leader combines weekly Zoom/conference calls, one-to-one calls, check-ins, and direct feedback. We emphasize skill development that immediately improves team performance and sales results.

Our approach emphasizes practical, real-world applications to help participants make a greater daily impact where it counts, becoming more effective coaches and leaders, regardless of their experience level.

The proprietary program is grounded in the realities of the retail environment, offering straightforward, applicable, relentlessly simple strategies that can be implemented from day one and every day after that.

Participants will be guided through a hands-on approach, enabling them to experiment with and apply high-impact coaching and leadership techniques in daily interactions.

The High Impact Difference

Hello! My name is Doug Fleener. I am the former director of retail for Bose Corporation and a recognized expert in coaching daily performance.

I have had the privileged opportunity to lead and work with a large number of store managers, multi-unit managers, department managers, and executives. Years ago, I would have told you that the difference between the top managers and the others was their ability to coach and lead their teams to higher results.

That’s true. But the very best do something different than the others. They are not only great coaches and leaders, but they know how to use those skills to make a high impact on their staff and results.

Someone can be a great coach and leader and still not make a high impact on results. Skill and execution are two different things. Think of it like a baseball player with a “beautiful swing” but a low batting average.

Like any other skill, the ability to make a high impact as a retail coach and leader can be learned, but the payoff happens in practice and growth.

That’s what makes this program unique.

Program Benefits

Active participants of The High Impact Daily Coach and Leader can expect the following potential benefits:

1. A continuous method for identifying ways to boost employee and store performance, leading to better customer experiences and higher sales.
2. Development into a more effective coach equipped with practical skills, strategies, and techniques that can be applied daily.
3. Greater confidence and capability as a leader, contributing to overall business success.
4. Heightened staff performance and growth, leading to a more productive and efficient team.
5. Increased revenue performance due to higher and more effective expectations and accountability. (My favorite!)

Program Structure 

Or you can scroll down to the program dates and costs below.

All calls are recorded with 60-day access with limited replays to ensure the group’s content remains private and secure. 

I want to reiterate. The High Impact Coach and Leader is NOT a training program. It’s an action program of applying high-impact coaching and leadership approaches to helping your people and business achieve higher results. 

First Group Dates (Wednesdays)

Week 1 (virtual) - start anytime after April 23rd

Week 2 - May 1st, 11am Eastern

Week 3 - May 8th, 11am Eastern

Week 4 - May 15th, 11am Eastern

Week 5 - May 22nd, 11am Eastern

Program Investment

There are three levels of The High Impact Daily Coach and Leader 

Level 1

+ Four group Zooms/calls

+ One one-to-one call with Doug

+ Two online courses

+ All printed materials

+ 60-day access to Zooms/calls

+ Bi-weekly check-ins and assignment reviews

+ 24/7 access for questions and support

Cost: $675 for one person - $575 each for two or more people

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Level 2

All of Level 1 and:

+ Four additional weekly one-to-one calls

Cost: $1,075 for one person - $975 each for two or more people

Upgrade to a Level 2 Space

 Level 3

A private group of up to 8 participants, including a pre-program one-to-one call with the group leader

Cost: $4,250

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