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The Day Makes the Year


Jumpstart The Day and Your Results

Aug 23, 2023

Here are three Relentlessly Simple things you can do today to jumpstart things at work and in your personal life.

A Personal Performance Jumpstart

  1. Identify the one thing that gets in the way of you spending more time on the things that improve your work and results.
  2. Next, what is one thing you can do to remove or shorten the amount of time it takes you to do what's getting your way?
  3. What's the one thing you can do right now to make that happen?

One of my coaching clients was feeling overwhelmed and not getting to something we had agreed she would do that week to move her business forward. When looking at the root cause of what held her back, we determined that one task the client did daily could be delegated to one of her employees. Like many clients, she said she couldn't afford the extra hours the employee would take to do the work. A simple Return On Investment comparison showed that the plan we needed her to work on would pay for the additional payroll and make her considerably more money.


A Sales Leader Jumpstart

  1. Identify the one thing if more customers/clients did, your sales would grow.
  2. Next, what's the one thing your staff can do with and for the customer to increase the likelihood of that? It should be something you can see or hear the salesperson do.
  3. What's the one thing you can do to ensure the employees do that today?

The key is to jump on it and start it right away. That's the jumpstart! The biggest impediment to growing your sales is a stagnant staff. Your staff can be incredible. Crazy good. But still stagnant. That's why daily staff growth is so vital to daily business growth.


A Relationship Jumpstart

  1. Identify one person with whom your relationship is not as solid as you would like.
  2. Next, what is the one thing that happened or is the cause of the relationship not being as you would like?
  3. What is the one thing you can do today to move beyond that?

It can be often to call someone and say you've missed them. Sometimes it is to say you're sorry. "I'm sorry" expresses regret or remorse for actions, words, or behavior. What keeps many people from apologizing is avoiding being wrong. An apology is not an admission of guilt. It's a statement of regret. You can express that regret even if you weren't involved in the act.


So let me ask three questions:

1) If jumpstarting change was an Olympic sport, would you win the gold medal or be disqualified for false starts?

2) What should someone do if the "one thing" getting in the way of results is yourself? Just asking for a friend.

3) What will you do today to jumpstart The Day and your results?

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