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The Day Makes the Year


Letting Go of R&R

Aug 18, 2023

Don’t worry! There’s no way I would say to let go of rest and relaxation. Both are critical to recharge and reload to create more success and help others.

The R&R we must let go of is regret and resentment. Both of those keep us anchored to the past. Success can’t be created in the past. Relationships can’t be strengthened in the past. Intentional actions don’t occur in the past. And The Day’s results don’t happen in the past.

How do you move past regret? Use it as fuel to be better today. Take some action to move past the person you were when whatever happened caused the regret. That action will help you become the person you are meant to be. You aren’t your past unless you choose to hang on to it. You are your actions of today.

How do you move past resentment? Forgive. Take responsibility for how you feel about what someone said or did to you. You can’t control that it happened. You can control how you think and act about it in The Day.

With that said, now it’s time for the other and much more enjoyable R&R.