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MORE or LESS – For Less Stress and More Success

Nov 19, 2023

I’m a big believer in keeping things simple. I don’t overthink my day, year, or life. I have found overthinking leads to underdoing, which leads to more stress. But more doing and less thinking leads to more success. Funny how that works. 

That’s why I use the MORE or LESS approach. I start my day by identifying what I need to do more of and what I should do less of. It’s so uncomplicated it works like a charm.  

Here are some More or Less ways to reduce stress and create more success.  

Invest MORE time and resources today in maximizing your current clients/customers. 

Spend LESS time obsessing over the clients/customers you don’t have. 


Talk MORE with someone who can help you grow yourself and your business. 

Do LESS talking about the things or with people that hold you back or bum you out. 


Focus MORE on profitability. 

And LESS focus on just cutting costs. 


Spend LESS energy feeling bad about not doing what you need to do. 

Take MORE time today to knock lingering things out to feel better about your day. 


Focus MORE of your energy and time on what you and your team do well. 

Worry LESS about the unimportant things that you don’t do well. 


Do LESS talking about making improvements. 

Make MORE changes today that lead to those improvements. (Especially with your staff and client/customer experience.) 


Do a bit LESS stressing about the state of the world and things around you. 

And do MORE to make the lives of others better. That can also help the state of the world in your way. 


Invest MORE in your long-term personal growth development.  

Spend LESS on things that only give you fleeting moments of gratification. (You don’t need to give them all up!) 


Do LESS work when you can. 

Do MORE of the things with the people you love. 


What about you?  

So let me ask three questions:  

1) Have you ever done LESS work to avoid MORE work? (Smart!) 

2) Have you ever considered doing LESS adulting and MORE embracing your inner child? 

3) What is your MORE AND LESS for today?