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The Day Makes the Year


Offer to Do More: Give to Get

Jul 21, 2023

I just finished getting some new headshots shot by Andrew at Boston Headshot Pro. ( It was easy to book online. Very competitive pricing. Awesome follow-up. Easy parking. More important, though, during the shoot, Andrew offered to do more to make sure we got the shots I needed. I offered to pay him extra, but he declined.

Andrew understands the power of Giving to Get. Which is the sixth principle in The Day Makes the Year. By offering to do more at no cost, I will go out of my way to recommend Boston Headshot Pro. Promote him when possible. I will write multiple reviews. See Andrew if you're in the Greater Boston area and need a headshot.


I know the quality of my headshots is going to be good. I’m now more excited about the quality of the person who took them. Offer to do more, and you’ll also get more. It is simple as that.