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The Day Makes the Year


One Week of Intentional Actions

Sep 20, 2023

How many times have you longed for extra hours in your day or felt weighed down by the frantic pace of your life? It often feels like you're running endlessly on a treadmill - giving your all yet not feeling fully content or achieved enough. The key isn't necessarily more hours but instead taking purposeful, targeted, simple actions that enhance today and pave the way for future success. 

Positive shifts in your daily life don't require massive actions or overwhelming efforts. A couple of simple actions can ignite a transformative ripple effect. For example, jotting down crucial tasks in the morning can chart a clear course for your day. Initiating a long-postponed to-do can provide mental relief. Assisting a peer or friend illuminates your day and nurtures your bond. Small adjustments create a significant impact. That is the essence of The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life).  

One Week of Intentional Actions 

Consider doing three a day for the next week to tap into the transformative potential of purposeful, intentional actions. You can choose from the list below or create your own.  

1. List the three most important things to accomplish today. 

2. Block time in your calendar for focused priority work.  

3. Tackle your most challenging task first when your mental energy is highest. 

4. When frustrated, pause and ask yourself, "What outcome do I want?" 

5. Prioritize relationships - check in with important people in your life.  

6. Express gratitude - thank someone who's made a difference for you. 

7. Do a 2-minute tidying or organizing task. Small improvements add up. 

8. Take initiative rather than waiting for someone to tell you what to do. 

9. Ask for feedback on an idea - get another perspective. 

10. Admit when you're wrong, apologize, and rectify mistakes. 

11. Focus on progress rather than demanding perfection of yourself or others. 

12. Write down three things that make you feel grateful.  

13. Decline a meeting request if you have more pressing priorities.  

14. Listen attentively rather than interrupting when someone's speaking. 

15. Let someone merge in front of you in traffic.  

16. Carve out 30 minutes to read or listen to music. 

17. Tell someone how much you appreciate them. 

18. Write down three things you can do to finish the year strong. 

19. Compliment a stranger. 

20. Be patient with yourself and others. 

21. Write a positive online review for a business that recently gave you great service.  

So let me ask three questions:  

  1. How often do you expect to ask, "What day is it again?" this week? 
  2. How many times will you reward yourself with a cookie for finishing a task? (I just scored 21!) 
  3. Will you take a week of Intentional Actions?