Doug Fleener's

The Day Makes the Year


Positive Talk

Dec 27, 2023

One of the most important things you do as a leader is setting the tone for each day. And it is even more critical after Christmas. 

We’re often tired. Maybe ready for the holiday to be over. 

However, post-holiday, there are such incredible opportunities to win more customers and make more sales.  

There will be some challenging customers. 

There will likely be an employee issue or probably more. 

There will be distractions or something from home. 

Into Action  

No matter what, remain positive and upbeat with your staff.  

Never talk negatively about a customer to your staff. Even if the customer deserves it. Just tell your dog or a stranger.  

At any given moment, your behaviors and actions create a positive or negative environment in your business.  

Keep it positive. Especially what you say over the next week. 

Happy New Year. I know 2024 is going to be amazing! 

So let me ask three questions:  

1) Has your positive talk ever been, “At least I didn’t smack them?” Just asking for a friend. 

2) What's the most absurdly optimistic thing you've said? (I once heard someone say in a meeting that his project was successful it just didn’t make any money. Of course, the goal of the project was to make money.)  

3) What are the one or two things you should do to make sure you keep your leadership talk positive?