Doug Fleener's

The Day Makes the Year



Dec 06, 2023

Years ago, I had a dog who loved to chase down frisbees. Tina could track it down and catch the frisbee in the air regardless of how far I threw it. Then she would run back and drop it at my feet. 

Except if she saw a squirrel on her way to catch the frisbee. She would chase that squirrel up a tree and then return to me, looking for me to throw the frisbee again. However, it was lying far out in the field. Of course, I would have to walk out to get it. 

In much the same way Tina was lured away by the fleeting distraction of a squirrel, we too can find ourselves veering off course, tempted by the day's myriad of distractions. As I learned with Tina, the key lies in maintaining focus on our primary goals, much like keeping our eyes on the frisbee.  

While it's natural to occasionally chase a 'squirrel' or two, recognizing and returning to our main path is crucial. Just as I had to retrieve the frisbee to continue the game, we must consciously refocus and reclaim our direction.  

More importantly, we can't let the 'squirrel' distract us from our primary goals of balance and growth. 

This story of Tina isn't just about a dog's playful instincts; it's a gentle reminder of the importance of staying focused amidst the holiday's inevitable distractions. 

 So let me ask three questions:  

1) Have you ever tried to catch a frisbee with your mouth? (Don’t. It hurts.) 

2) Have you ever chased a squirrel up a tree? (Don’t. The fire department has to get you down.) 

3) What is a “squirrel” that can throw you off this holiday?