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The Day Makes the Holiday – Part Two

Nov 29, 2023

In my book, The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life), I have six principles that can transform your work and life. Well, that also means this holiday. Last week, I shared the first three steps to having a highly successful holiday: here are the rest. 

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4. Practice Relentless Simplicity. There are almost always one or two things that matter most.  

The busier you are and the more you have at stake, the more critical it is to keep things relentless simple. Start the day by identifying and focusing on the few actions that matter. This is especially true in leading your team. You should be able to ask your staff what the most important things to accomplish in The Day are, and all of them should be able to give close to the same answer.  

Into action: How well are you keeping things simple this holiday? Don't distract your staff with minor issues that keep them from focusing on the couple of things that truly matter this holiday. 

5. Improve Three Things Daily. In December, you and your work are 93 times better. 

Let me ask, what did you improve in yourself or your business yesterday? If you can answer quickly, you are intentional in your daily growth and improvement. If you can't, start today by looking for your three things. I rarely know my three things when I start my day, but as I wind down my work and day, I always know if I've accomplished them. During the holidays, I focus on improvements that I know will impact results. 

Into action: Start your day writing down any improvements you'd like to make. Come back to your list at the end of the day and write down the three or more you did. Carry forward the next day anything that you haven't yet done. 

6. Give to Get. The more you help others, the more you help yourself. That's a great ROI.  

Give to Get is one of the essence of the holidays. It's also the foundation for an outstanding sales and service experience. When we prioritize the customer/client, we will receive more in return. When we help the customer/client have the best possible experience, we will receive more in return. Give to get in everything you do this holiday.  

Into action: Make sure your team knows and understands the concept of Give to Get. Connect it directly to the staff's actions with each customer/client this holiday. It's an honor to serve people during the holiday. And that honor, when done right, serves us well.   

So let me ask three questions:  

1) Would just butter and sugar make the perfect 'Relentlessly Simple' holiday cookie? Forget the cookie…just eat the batter! 

2) In a Hallmark movie, does 'improve three things daily' mean refining your mistletoe strategy, mastering the art of the perfect snowball fight, and unexpectedly falling back in love with your high school sweetheart — conveniently overlooking the fact they’ve been married eight times? 

3) Which actions above will you do for the next week?