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The Doer or Don’ter In Service Selling

Feb 02, 2024

I love watching the subtle differences between employees on a retail floor. In less than an hour, I can tell you which one sells the most without even any of them making a sale. You can tell who the more successful employees are because they are “Doers.” So many employees are “Don’ters.”

Can you guess the difference? 

A Doer can always show the customer a product no matter what.

Here’s an over-the-top example.

A customer walks in and asks, “Do you have any icebergs in stock?”

The Don’ter responds, “We don’t.” Customer leaves.

But the Doer responds, “We do have some huge ice cubes. Let me show you.” The customer is now engaged and is much more likely to consider other items.

While the Doer is unlikely to sell those ice cubes every time, they will make substantially more sales than the Don’ter.

Consider the financial difference a Doer makes in your business.

Let’s say the store has an average sale of $135.

The Doer easily makes three sales a day that the Don’ter misses.

That means a full-time Doer will sell an extra $101,250 a year.

Crazy, huh?

You will rapidly and substantially increase your revenue when you lead and coach your team to be Doers.

So, let me ask four questions:

  1. Did you ever hire someone you were sure would be a Doer and then discover they were a Don’ter in like, “You Don’t work here anymore."
  2. If you actually sold icebergs, would markdowns include some form of melting?
  3. What percentage of Doers versus Don’ters do you have on your staff?
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