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The Day Makes the Year


The Relentlessly Simple Secrets to a Happy, Spectacular Day

Sep 28, 2023

A growing body of research shows that happiness is not solely determined by external factors but also comes from within. Genetics, life circumstances, and relationships play a role, but science reveals we have more control over our own happiness than we might think.  

Relentlessly Simple activities like cultivating positivity, fostering social connections, and aligning with our purpose can override a sometimes unhappy brain wiring. By managing our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits, we can train our brains to boost mood and experience more joy. 

With that in mind, here are seven easy tips for having a good day: 

1. Wake Up, Sunshine! - Start your morning off right. Wake up a little earlier so you don't feel rushed. Do something you enjoy, like meditating, reading, or exercising. Eat a healthy breakfast. Turn off the news. Turn on the news. Jam some music. (I now start my day with the new Olivia Rodrigo release.) Enjoy the quiet. Whatever works for you. 

2. Thanks a Latte - Practice gratitude. Take a moment to appreciate the positive things in your life. Be thankful for your health, loved ones, privileges, and blessings. This positive mindset can set the tone for the day. Pressure can be a privilege.  

3. Spread the Love - Be kind to others. Small acts of kindness help others feel good and boost your mood. Give to Get. Hold the door, give a compliment. Let someone go ahead of you in line.  

4. Don't Ache. Take a Break - Short breaks help re-energize and renew focus. Get up and stretch, grab a snack, listen to music, or chat with a coworker. Walk the dog. Want a challenge: walk the cat. A few minutes of respite does wonders. Watch this during your Achy Breaky. 

5. Be Here. Be Now - Focus on the present. Don't dwell on the unchangeable past or unknowable future. Zero in on the here and now. Be productive and make the most of each moment. Celebrate little victories. Live in The Day. 

6. Avoid the Grumpy McPersons - Sidestep toxic people. Limit interactions with individuals who drain your energy or undermine your happiness. Prioritize supportive relationships that add to your life.  

7. Be “Whatever!” – People say dumb stuff. Do rude things. You get to decide if it is going to affect you or not. You don’t control other people’s actions, but you do own how you react to them. That’s why “Whatever!” is my defense to stupidity and rudeness. 

You can have a spectacular day by intentionally cultivating positivity and happiness-boosting habits.  

So let me ask three questions:  

  1. Did you or anyone you date have a mullet? 
  2. Have you ever looked in the mirror and said, “Damnit! I’m the Grumpy McPerson!
  3. Which of these seven tips are most important to apply today?