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Triggers and Pivots and Revenue. OH MY!

Jan 18, 2024

In every service and sales experience, there are triggers and pivots that will occur.

Let me give you a retail example. A customer enters a store and announces they are “just looking.” 

Despite that, an associate talks with the customer about a particular product.

Trigger: The store employee encourages the customer to try the product on. This action is designed to engage the customer and alter their initial intention of not making a purchase.

Pivot: At that moment, the customer may shift from a passive browser to a more active shopper. If the customer tries on the item, their mindset shifts to active shopper. Now, the customer is also more likely to shift to becoming a buyer.

As you can see, the pivot point is crucial because it marks a transition in the customer's behavior and decision-making. Before this point, the customer was not inclined to buy; after this point, the likelihood of a purchase has increased. This change highlights the effectiveness of the trigger (the suggestion to try something on) in altering the customer's original intent.

Maximizing Triggers and Pivots

Here are five things to consider:

  1. Every service and sales business needs to identify its most vital triggers and pivots. What’s yours?
  2. Every employee needs to know what those are and be able to execute them well. Yours?
  3. Most companies focus on far too many triggers and pivots. All customer triggers and pivots are not created equal. How many do you have?
  4. Triggers and pivots can evolve over time. Do you need to add or subtract any?
  5. More revenue is sure to happen when your staff delivers 100% of the triggers and pivots to 100% of your customers! It’s what I call 100 Service Success. We love 100 Service Success!

100 Service Success - Accelerate Your Service and Revenue

Next week, I’m launching a highly unique six-week one-to-one coaching program to help company leaders quickly improve and grow their service, revenue, and daily leadership approach. 100 Service Success is one of the three areas in my exclusive approach.

More on this next week! 

So let me ask three questions:

 1. What’s the craziest reason a customer gave for pivoting to a huge purchase? (Mine was when a guy told me he was going to prison and buying everything he could for his family. Seriously!)

2. What's the most hilarious reason a customer gave for changing their mind about a product? (He bought the most expensive stereo because he was mad at his wife. Guess who sheepishly returned it the next day?)

3. How can you elevate your triggers and pivots to improve results?