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Why Expect More from Your Staff (and Yourself)

Feb 07, 2024

A few weeks ago, I wrote about "The Turnaround Guy." He could turn a store around in weeks. The biggest thing he did was to expect more from the staff than the previous manager.

And the staff then delivered. Not only did most of the staff raise their performance, but they were also happier and more satisfied with their work.

Sure, inevitably, one or two employees left. But that was best for the store and the employees. It was their time to move on.

 One thing that holds leaders back from expecting more is the fear of losing people. Yes, you will lose people if you keep your expectations down. The problem lose the wrong people!

 Four things happen to your staff when you raise your expectations:

  1. The good employees become even better.
  2. Some average employees become good employees.
  3. Some average employees stay average. But since the expectations are higher, so is the "average" performance.
  4. The underperforming employees leave.

But wait! A leader might think they can't afford to lose an employee.

The fact is the leader cannot afford to keep an underperforming employee that they can't raise expectations on.

Because it is a high cost in sales and the impact on other staff.

 Into Action

Higher expectations start with the leader.

Leaders who expect more of themselves can expect more of their staff.

Leaders who expect more of their staff can expect higher performance and results.

Raising expectations is not just a strategy but a necessity; it's how we unlock more potential in our teams and ourselves, driving higher performance and results across all facets of our business.

Next week, I'll share some effective ways to raise expectations.

So, let me ask three questions:

  1. What’s the most creative excuse you’ve heard for not meeting expectations? I once had an employee tell me he couldn’t do more because he had a second job. Seriously!
  2. What song would you play for your staff to raise expectations after a bad sales day? That’s an easy one. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. I, I, I shake it off, I shake it off (hoo-hoo-hoo)
  3. What expectation will you raise this week to directly impact performance and results?

- Doug