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Your Coaching and Leadership Impact

Apr 03, 2024

I'm thrilled to share that I’m just about to launch a new program called The High Impact Daily Coach and Leader. It is an innovative, five-week program designed specifically for retail managers, multi-unit managers, and owners to greatly enhance their influence on staff performance and results.

My excitement stems from the unique opportunity to mentor and guide leaders through a critical aspect that distinguishes truly exceptional leaders from the merely good ones: impact—high impact, to be specific.

Indeed, the capacity to coach and lead is vital. However, what sets the most influential leaders apart is their adeptness at identifying and acting upon the right opportunities at the most opportune moments.

This is the essence of true impact – the ability to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, work, and business results through coaching and leadership.

More details on the program are coming soon.

Today, though, I want to ask you some questions to consider your impact as a coach and leader. There are no right or wrong answers. These questions help you think more about how you can make an even more significant impact on your staff and results.

1. How do you proactively create opportunities to improve daily performance?

2. What specific sales or service metric are you trying to increase today?

3. What do you want your customers to do differently to achieve that?

4. What is your staff doing better or different to elevate the customer experience and results?

5. Do you shift how you work in your day to create more coaching and development opportunities?

6. Do you meet with each employee at the start of their shift to help them become focused and ready to perform at their best?

7. Does each employee know how they can be more successful?


8. Do you talk daily about the behaviors and actions that drive store revenue and keep happy customers returning?

9. What’s the last thing you praised an employee on?

10. Do you regularly invest time working with employees to be better?

11. What’s the last thing you helped an employee improve in?

12. What did your staff improve in the last month that will impact results from now on?

13. What current or former manager/mentor impacted you most? What did they do, and how do you carry that forward?

14. What are your strengths in making a high impact on your staff and results?

15. What are two or three ways you can improve to impact your staff and results significantly?

Throughout my years of leading and working alongside various leaders, I've observed a common thread among the most successful: a relentless drive to improve and make a meaningful impact on those around them. What sets these individuals apart is their intentional approach to coaching and leadership, executed daily.

Remember, your potential to significantly influence outcomes is boundless. Results are realized through intentional actions.

Successful retail leaders do more than manage a business; they strategically inspire impactful actions in others at just the right moments to bring their vision to fruition.

So let me ask three more questions:

1. Have you ever had one of those long days where the biggest impact you make is when you get home and sit down on the couch?

2. Have you ever laughed so hard at work that it impacted your pants? Oh, wait. That’s what happened to me once. (True story!)

3. What’s the biggest takeaway from your thinking about the impact you make as a coach and leader?