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Doug SpeakingThe best learning experiences happen when someone’s current thinking and approach is challenged.

Nobody benefits from hearing about what they’re already doing. People don’t grow by being told how good they are.

People improve and benefit from discovering how much better they can be, and then doing it.

That’s why audiences love, and meeting planners choose, Doug Fleener.

Fleener, the former director for retail for Bose Corporation, is a business contrarian and consultant known for bringing fresh thinking and powerful ideas to his consulting clients, and in his engaging and entertaining keynotes, breakouts, and workshops.

As an internationally sought-after speaker whose quick wit and passion for people make him not just a crowd pleaser, but also an incredible motivator, Doug encourages people to look at their business differently, to see how good they are and how much better they can become. He shares the positive actions people can take to differentiate their business, improve themselves and their teams, and deliver more engaging and productive customer service experience.

Five things to know about Doug Fleener

1. As a professional speaker, Fleener has spoken over 100 times a year for more than a decade.

2. Over 85% of Doug’s engagements are referrals or repeat clients.

3. His expertise has been cited in 300+ publications including The New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

4. Fleener is the author of the book The Profitable Retailer, and the soon to be published Extraordinary Ordinary Leadership

5. Noted areas of expertise include customer experience, daily leadership and coaching, business simplicity, sales leadership, specialty retail, and revenue growth.

Fleener doesn’t just talk about differentiating a business. He delivers it. As one meeting planner said about Doug, “His approach was refreshing, entertaining, and most important, was relevant and something my attendees could immediately apply."


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